Sofia 84 days 01

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Sofia (84 days / 12.1 weeks) 01    00:09:56

Sofia | Skin, Self-regulation, Connect/disconnect, Thriving, Presence/absence, Communication, Pleasure, Gaze, Thinking

Sofia is asleep in her chair on the dining room table. She awakens slowly first to the sound of the cat meowing and then to other kitchen noises. Her expressions change as she moves from sleep into consciousness. A sudden noise in the kitchen and the sound of hadeda birds flying over startle Sofia whose eye widen. Nomsa comments on Fia’s wide eyed expression as she takes her out of her chair and carries Sofia upstairs to bath.

While undressing Sofia, Nomsa notices her standing posture, presence and smile as well as Fia’s gaze directly at Nomsa “You’re showing off that you’re becoming human”, “You’re acting like you are already a peron. You!”

The translation of this interaction has been carefully done to try to capture the nuance of the what Nomsa is meaning. Nomsa is commenting on Sofia’s growing humanness, her being human. For those interested you can google the concept of UBUNTU – which is an African philosophy of personhood – I am because you are / a person is a person through (or because of) other people. Part of becoming a human(e) being is recognizing the humanness of others.

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