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from: Left-Eye Productions (2020)

Genre: Documentary

Duration: 1 hour 37 minutes


Somewhere in South Africa, three families welcome three babies into their midst. Leago, Banele, and Sophia are 10 days old when we meet them, and we witness their crucial first year as their own eyes and senses focus on their immediate surroundings. As we watch the details of these intimate moments, space opens up in the film allowing us to wonder about how the interaction between each individual infant and the care they receive, the people who handle them, and the incidents they encounter, will forge their future relationships in the world.

This is film that finely observes the ordinary, extraordinary worlds of three infants and the evolution of communication and connection that will shape them. Through subtly unfolding and interweaving the family portraits, the film offers us the opportunity to imagine the qualities of being that these children might develop. Without interference or judgement, the film also invites our reflections on and associations to – not only the infant’s development but also our own complex processes of becoming, with which we have long-ago lost touch.

This 1.5 hr documentary weaves together scenes from over 150 hours of footage. For a deep dive into the weekly observation of Banele, Leago and Sofia, subscribe to the full set of Three Infants Observed video clips.

NOTE: Please remember that the participant families have generously given access to their families and homes for education and training purposes. Please treat them with respect and protect their privacy.

The copyright for this film rests with Left-Eye Productions. You may not attempts to copy, download, record or distribute the film in any way. Screening of the film may only be done in accordance with your licence agreement and T&Cs with Left-Eye Productions.

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