Left-Eye Productions

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Left-Eye Productions is a documentary production company focussing on individual and community stories and histories. Left-Eye's general approach is to work with very small crews creating the intimacy that allows audiences to really get to know the characters and their lives, while presenting issues of universal significance. Our films present no easy answers and always ask of the viewer to sit with discomfort and to actively grapple with the content.

For the project, Becoming:Three Infants Observed, Andy Spitz worked alone to facilitate the intimacy of the process and clips and to ensure a consistency of approach in filming between the different families and infants.

Left-Eye's films have been screened at festivals worldwide and used in educational campaigns around migration, xenophobia, sexual and gender-based violence and environmental management. Most recently we have made the short film "We are Hungry, We are Angry" which looks at issues of hunger during Covid-19, and looks to find solutions in an inequitable food and governance system.

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