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BECOMING is a 1.5 hr documentary taking the viewer on an intense journey through the pleasures and pains, the ordinary and extraordinary, first year in our three infants' lives

Becoming film strip

What are people saying about the film?

"...deeply evocative of the moment to moment existence of these infants..." (Psychotherapist, Chicago, USA)

"...extraordinary opportunity to watch those three young children in the first crucial year of their lives when their attachment styles are developing... A painful view at times, but you did it with such tenderness and sensitivity" (Trainee counsellor, Norfolk, UK)

"...beautiful although rather hard and painful at times, but always real - a piece of careful film-making." (Psychoanalyst, London, UK)

"...I have just finished watching ... and am of course hungry for more!!" (Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, Sydney, Australia)



  • The cost of accessing BECOMING has been structured differentially to achieve our vision and purpose
  • The film is available to rent as the stand alone documentary or as an optional add-on to full set of 170 Three Infants Observed clips
  • Prices are determined by your country's status as either an OECD Country or Rest of the World
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