Leago, whose name means "bridge builder", is Sue’s first child. Sue is 24, a single mom, who lives with her mother, Florence, whose house in a newer part of a densely populated township in Johannesburg. Although unplanned, Leago is a very welcomed child. Sue shares the house with her younger brother and her mom. Her father passed away when she was a teenager.

Sue has a diploma in marketing and resigned from her job shortly before giving birth. She has been a stay-at-home mom for the first 8 months of Leago's life. When she decided to go back to work Sue found a telemarketing job and then left Leago in the care of his great-grandmother, Lilian, during the day.

Originally Leago’s biological father denied paternity of Leago and, as per tradition, he had no access to the baby. After a few month he acknowledged that he was the father and initiated on-off interaction with Leago.

Filming took place in mid-mornings during weekdays, and occasionally on weekends, for the first 8 months depending on Sue’s schedule. After Sue had returned to work, filming was done mainly on weekends or late afternoon to capture the handover between great grandmother and Sue when she returned from work.

Sue's older brother Rodney and his daughter Naledi spend a lot of time at Florence's house during weekends and were often present during filming.

People you will meet:

Leago visiting relative

Aunt Family friend

Buhle Leagos dad

Buhle Biological Dad

Florence granny

Florence Granny

Leago 1



Lilian Great Granny

Naledi 3

Naledi Cousin

Leago Rantokolo

Rantokolo (Veejo) Younger Uncle

Rodney older uncle

Rodney Older Uncle


Sue Mom

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